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I've Done Bad Things


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A collection of 30 true confessions collected anonymously and printed here as an entertaining journey through guilt, remorse, and regret. A fun read!

A few years back a friend and I embarked upon this little idea not totally sure what we were getting ourselves into. We collected stories and brought in Tristin Miller to illustrate. To make it seem sort of high brow and maybe class it up a little bit, we made them as a limited edition run of 200. We sold copies at local bookstores, coffeeshops, we even had a reading at a bike shop/beer bar...but eventually we neglected to follow through with our little project and eventually our project died.

But then! Like a phoenix from the flames!!! They're back!!! I just found a box of these under the bed and the stories still carry that same amount of cutting discomfort that you want to run away from but can't put it down. Why did she do that? He's insane. Do people really behave that way? I've done worse.

Read it. Love it. Hate it. Cry about it. Laugh about it. Submit a story to it and maybe we'll finally get Issue 2 done.

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Submit a story here: http://ivedonebadthings.com/